About AIX

The Africa Investment Exchange (AIX) is a series of international meetings for leading investors in Africa’s high growth industries.

211_8674-reduced-cropAll our meetings are developed with consultants and analysts at Cross-border Information (CbI) who work closely with the project development community on issues that affect public and private sector investment decisions.

As a consultant, rather than a traditional conference or events producer, CbI has a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the themes and topics that provide the foundations for a vibrant agenda and the mix of project stakeholders required to create a lively and engaging panel-led discussion.

We are focused on producing meetings that create enduring dialogues between development finance institutions and other established investment sources as well as non-traditional investors including, private equity firms, venture capitalists, family offices, foundations, institutional investors and impact investors.

To facilitate discussion, all our investment exchanges are  held under the Chatham House Rule and structured round panel-led discussions and roundtables.


Upcoming Exchanges

3-4 October 2018: Africa Investment Exchange: Nairobi – Power & Renewables Executive Briefing

14-15 November 2018:  Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables


Past Africa Investment Exchanges

11-12 April 2018: Africa Investment Exchange: Gas

15-16 November 2017:  Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables

5-6 April 2017: Africa Investment Exchange: Gas

21-22 November 2016: Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables

29-30 September 2016: MENA Investment Exchange: Energy

9-10 June 2016: Africa Investment Exchange: Transport & Infrastructure

28-29 April 2016: AIX: Gas

19-20 November 2015:  AIX: Power and Renewables

28-29 September 2015: AIX: Transport and Logistics

27-28 May 2015: AIX: Gas

24-25 November 2014: AIX: Energy






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