Day 2

AIX: Gas – Thursday 28 May

Morocco-Gas-Plan09h00 to 09h30
Morocco Gas Pan
Offshore exploration update
Plans for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal shaping up
Substantial increase in gas-to-power envisaged, with a new generation of CCGT generation plants

Abdellaziz El Gamah
Senior Advisor to the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water & Environment

John Hamilton
Director, CbI

Jon Marks
Chairman, CbI

09h30 to 10h30
North Africa Focus
Non-conventional options
GTP potential in Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia

John Hamilton
Director, CbI

10h30 Coffee

Gas-To-Power-sm11h00 to 12h30
Gas to Power
Natural gas: a low-cost transition fuel
What factors determine where investors build gas-to-power plants?
Security of supply: sourcing fuel for power generation
Assess alternative sources of natural gas for power plants
What are the options for stranded assets?
Cenpower: boosting West African GTP

Andrew Gaines
Managing Director, DeRisk

Paul Kunert
Head of Business Development Africa, Globeleq

Olusola Lawson
Regional Director: West Africa, African Infrastructure Investment Managers

Akinwole Omoboriowo II
Chief Executive Officer, Genesis Electricity

12h30 Lunch

Thursday 28 May

Gas-To-Market13h30 to 15h00
Gas to Market
Markets within Africa and beyond: balancing domestic demands with export led-growth
Developing an indigenous gas industry
Distribution networks: developing Africa’s gas infrastructure
Feedstock gas required for fertiliser production
Prospects for future pipelines
LNG and regasification terminals

Steve Husbands
Technical Director, Challenge Energy

Steve Lowden
Chief Executive, NewAge (African Global Energy)

Matty Vengerik
Chief Executive Officer, Quantum Power

Chris Johnson
General Manager for Global LNG, Europe and Africa, Shell

15h00 Coffee

15h15 to 16h00
Southern Africa Focus
Mapping existing assets and identifying opportunities for potential investment
Supply options to meet South Africa’s domestic energy needs

Thembani Bukula
Regulator Member-Electricity, NERSA

John Smelcer
Head of Oil & Gas Sector Group
Webber Wentzel

17h00 end of AIX: Gas

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