Ezekiel Adesina, Executive Secretary, Africa Energy Study Group


Ezekiel is Senior Business and Strategy Analyst, Nigeria LNG. A chemical engineer by profession, he is the current Executive Secretary of Africa Energy Study Group (AESG). The AESG was inaugurated in Hamburg, Germany as a think tank for the advancement of energy solutions for Africa.

He has a career of over 17 years, in various capacities in project management, plant operation management, commissioning and start-up, process technology, project integration and currently as senior business and strategy analyst, over the past 8 years.

He has presented many topical papers and presentations at various oil & gas conferences, around the world. He was recently invited by US Assistant Secretary for Energy as one of a small number of global gas experts to contribute to US Department of Energy’s LNG and Gas to Power Handbook for Africa.

Ezekiel is a pioneering member and first Vice President (Professional Development) of Project Management Institute (PMI) in Nigeria. He is also a member of Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineer, Nigerian Gas Association and Nigerian Society of Engineers.

Ezekiel is a panellist at the fourth Africa Investment Exchange: Gas meeting at RSA House, London on 11-12 April.