Silas Mzingeli Zimu, Special Energy Advisor to the President of South Africa

zimuSilas has acted as a special energy advisor to the President of South Africa since June 2015. He is also CEO of Suzlon Wind Energy South Africa, a position he has held since 2011.

Silas started his career in the electricity industry when he joined Eskom in 1992, where he worked as an engineer in the generation group. He was appointed as a contract manager for key projects lincluding Alusaf and Matimba-Bulawayo and was later appointed as a key customer relations manager looking after the mining industry.

After leaving Eskom he joined City Power as General Manager, Planning and Technology and was thereafter promoted to Vice President, Customer Services, President of Operations and later CEO and Managing Director of City Power.

Silas obtained his BEng degree in electrical and electronic engineering in 1991 and holds an Msc in engineering management.

Silas is a panellist at the Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables meeting, 21-22 November, London