About AIX

Africa Investment Exchange (AIX) is a series of international meetings for leading investors in Africa’s high growth industries. Each meeting has a sector focus: gas; transport & logistics; power & renewables.

211_8674-reduced-cropThe agenda for all our Investment Exchange meetings are developed by consultants and analysts at Cross-border Information (CbI) who work closely with the project development community on issues that affect public and private sector investment decisions.

All exchanges are:

•   held under the Chatham House Rule
•   structured round panel-led discussions and roundtables.
•   concluded with Africa Hardball – a political risk strategy round table, which examines issues including the capacity of governments to deliver on projects.
•   hosted at RSA House, the Royal Society of Arts’ historic headquarters in London, an ideal venue for
networking, with good breakout spaces and rooms for private meetings.

Upcoming Exchanges

15-16 November 2017:  Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables

11-12 April 2018: Africa Investment Exchange: Gas

Past Africa Investment Exchanges

5-6 April 2017: Africa Investment Exchange: Gas

21-22 November 2016: Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables

29-30 September 2016: MENA Investment Exchange: Energy

9-10 June 2016: Africa Investment Exchange: Transport & Infrastructure

28-29 April 2016: AIX: Gas

19-20 November 2015:  AIX: Power and Renewables

28-29 September 2015: AIX: Transport and Logistics

27-28 May 2015: AIX: Gas

24-25 November 2014: AIX: Energy




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