Francis Ugboma, LNG and Business Development, Gasol

UgbomaPanelist at AIX: Gas
Francis has over 15 years of experience in energy commodities trading and investing.  Since 2009, he has helped develop the financing and construction of an LNG import terminal in West Africa.  In doing so, he negotiated major commercial agreements to help achieve financial close for an investment value of $400M.
Prior to this, he was Director of Projects at a private equity firm specializing in offshore oil and gas infrastructure projects.
In 1999, he implemented the first Monte Carlo-based electricity trading Value-at-Risk model to be used in Europe.  He went on to work for the trading teams of Europe’s largest energy traders including TXU Europe, ENI, EdF and Lukoil.  After setting up his own energy trading consultancy, he went on to help build the physical gas trading desk of the Global Energy & Commodities team at Fortis Bank in Brussels.
Mr Ugboma is of dual citizenship (British-Nigerian) and speaks fluent French, Italian and Spanish.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University College London and an MBA from the IESE Business School.