Faisal Ladha, Senior Consultant, CPCS

Panelist at AIX: Transport and Logistics at RSA House, 28 to 29 September 2015
LadhaFaisal Ladha has served on various transport sector assignments across West Africa. As a Commercial Analyst, Mr. Ladha has worked with multi-disciplinary teams in order to assess the commercial and technical viability of a number of proposed railway lines in Nigeria, including a freight line that traverses the country’s coast.
Since 2013, Mr. Ladha has also been engaged as a Financial Analyst on the concession of Nigeria’s two remaining, publicly owned ports and has been central to the development of Full Business Cases as well as structuring the ports under viable PPP schemes.
Presently, Mr. Ladha is serving as Business Analyst for the development and implementation of a business and organizational development plan for the Ghana Rail Development Authority (GRDA). He is responsible for developing the business plan as well as leadings its implementation which includes achieving short term (5-year) objectives such as capacity building within the GRDA, liaising with other MDAs that have a vested interest in funding and developing rail infrastructure, drafting and finalizing rail regulations under a ‘landlord model’ as well as structuring projects in the rail sector so that they meet the bankability thresholds of international lending/funding institutions.
Prior to joining CPCS, Mr. Ladha worked in the Capital Markets arm of three of North America’s largest financial institutions, implementing financing, acquisition and divestiture transactions in the international mining space. Mr. Ladha holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Finance specialization) and a master’s degree in Business Administration (Strategic Business Valuation specialization).