Craig Sillars, Specialist, Mining & Infrastructure, UK Trade & Investment

Panellist at AIX: Transport and Infrastructure at RSA House, 9 to 10 June 2016
Craig is a Chartered Geologist who has spent the majority of his career working in all aspects of corporate environmental liability both as a consultant and contractor. A former director and managing director he provides almost 30 years’ experience across a range of sectors with a reputation for pioneering technology development and implementation.
Craig has worked for UKTI for over five years and for the UKTI Mining Sector Group since its inception. He looks after a Global Mining Supply Chain Initiative with a major focus on finance, infrastructure, energy, equipment and water. His principal area of focus is on general infrastructure for mine development projects in Africa, comprising of rail, port and energy. He works with the UK mining supply chain to promote expertise to industry and to foreign governments about the UK whole of mine life supply chain offer. Increasingly this focus is supplemented by the promotion of the various financial solutions provided by UK Export Finance and their ability to provide funding towards mining and related infrastructure projects.
He has promoted biomass renewable energy and the development of biochar as a carbon sequestration product to be applied for mine site restoration and oil and gas drill waste treatment. He currently is focused on creating financial instruments based on trust funds to manage and mitigate future decommission and rehabilitation of asset liability in the natural resources and renewables sector.