Keith Kerr, Partner, Principal Airports and Airlines Mango Aviation Partners

Panellist at AIX: Transport and Infrastructure at RSA House, 9 to 10 June 2016
Keith has over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. He has recently started a consultancy to help management focus on identifying the critical success factors for their business.
He was a general manager, customer service and operations at British Airways, managing director of Bournemouth International Airport, group chief executive of Ujima and the chairman of The Royal Berkshire Ambuance (NHS) Trust.
Keith’s experience also includes advising on the privatisation of Air Jamaica, the set up and management of ComAir, a BA franchise. He is also founder & managing director of 4H-K Limited. The changes in the economy and the recent fall in the airline demand have encouraged him to bring his brand and style of management consultancy to a broader range of sectors. This has resulted in 4H-K Limited winning and delivering a number of major transformational change programmes to the local and central government sectors.
Keith is a qualified pilot, a licenced aircraft engineer, and has a MBA from the International Management Centre (IMC) Buckingham.