Johannes Gunnell, Partner, Maris Capital Advisors

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GunnellPanelist at AIX: Power and Renewables

Johannes Gunnell joined Maris Capital Advisors as a partner in 2011. Following Maris Africa Fund’s conversion into a holding company in 2014, he spent six months as interim CFO for Maris Ltd, before becoming Director of Business Development. Johannes is responsible for new deals, corporate actions and follow-on investments across Maris 17 holdings. He also sits on the boards of Tatepa, a listed Tanzanian tea and avocado producer, and Mozambique Managed Offices, a Maputo-based service office provider. Previously, he spent seven years at UBS Investment Bank working in global equities & specialist sales in both London and Amsterdam. He had a particular focus on alternative energy and sustainable investments and was involved with various renewable IPOs. Johannes also spent time consulting for an IT company in Ethiopia while studying development economics. Johannes graduated in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Magdalen College, Oxford.

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