Mike Mulcahy, Atlantis Special Economic Zone Project Executive, South Africa

Panelist at AIX: Power and Renewables
Mike has been at GreenCape since its inception 5-years ago. GreenCape was set up as a ‘triple-helix’ organisation by the regional government in the Western Cape and the City of Cape town to unlock and unblock investments in the green economy. GreenCape has played a leading role in attracting the bulk of both project developers and the associated manufacturing from the REIPPPP to the Western Cape. Most recently GreenCape has been involved in the energy security work at the regional and sub-regional level, specifically to assist municipalities understand and react to the shifting energy landscape in South Africa.
Mike’s current focus is on establishing a GreenTech Special Economic Zone in Atlantis, in the City of Cape town. This program has seen early success with an international wind tower manufacturer already established.