Georges Beukering, Senior Investment Officer, FMO

BeukeringPanelist at AIX: Power and Renewables
Georges Beukering is currently responsible for the development, fund raising and fund structuring of the Climate Investor One and represents FMO in the formation of the Fund Manager, Climate Fund Managers. This involves leading investor facing activities for Climate Investor One on behalf of the JV.
Before joining the Climate Investor One team, Georges Beukering worked as Senior Investment Officer at the Structured Finance Energy department of FMO. For almost six years Georges has been leading deal teams for complex and innovative project finance and equity transactions. Areas of expertise include renewable energy (wind, hydro, solar, waste and geothermal based power generation), sustainable forestry, energy efficiency and biodiversity protection. In 2012, Georges set up and coordinated the climate business knowledge center in FMO.
Before joining FMO in 2005, Georges worked in various positions in Rabobank International (Financial Markets, London), Fuji Bank (Project Finance, Tokyo), ABN Amro (Financial Markets, Amsterdam) and the Ministry of Finance (The Hague). Georges holds masters degrees in Applied Mathematics from the University of Twente (the Netherlands) and International Economics & Business Studies from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands).