Youssef Arfaoui, Mitigation Coordinator, Green Climate Fund

ArfaouiPanelist at AIX: Power and Renewables
Youssef Arfaoui holds a M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering combined with Finance from the Technical University of Denmark. He has a wide experience in the energy sector; specifically Renewable Energy Technologies.
Mr Arfaoui joined the Green Climate Fund last year and holds a position as Mitigation Coordinator. He comes from a position as chief renewable energy specialist at the African Development Bank. He closed a good number of deals:  on Geothermal (500MW); Wind (1200MW), Hydro (600MW), Cogen (90MW) and Solar (300MW); taking into account the implementation of the two climate pillars the mitigation and adaptation.
He took initiatives to a number of clean investments:

  • Introduction and implementation Clean Investments (RE) to the African Development Bank; He led and closed a good number of transactions in Public and Private sector departments (as he worked in both departments)
  • Preparation of clean investments strategy and policy of the African Development Bank, such Clean Energy Investment Framework for Africa (CEIF).

Mr. Arfaoui brings a wide of expertise to the fund specifically in project financing. His current main responsibility at the Fund is to promote Clean Investments with primary focus on mitigation.
Mr. Arfaoui carried out a number of training course in RE and project structuring: (i) design and Integration of wind energy to the national Grid, (ii) Design and application hydro power(iii) application and mitigation of investment risk of geothermal projects ; (iv) Design and application of solar PV and CP, (v) Preparation and training manuals for utilities engineers.