Abdellaziz El Gamah to participate at AIX: Gas 2016

Morocco’s LNG development programme
Abdellaziz El Gamah will provide an exclusive update on Morocco’s plans to import liquefied natural gas for use in a new generation of CCGT power plants and meet fast-rising industrial and domestic consumer demand at the Africa Investment Exchange: Gas meeting at RSA House, 28 to 29 April 2016.
Abdellaziz El Gamah, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water & Environment
Abdellaziz-El-GamahGraduated as engineer in electrical and mechanical sciences since 1987, Abdellaziz has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in aeronautic sector. Currently he ensures the function of adviser to the Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment.
Morocco Energy Exchange
Abdellaziz El Gamah and other members of Morocco’s energy team shared their vision of the kingdom’s energy development and diversification at the Morocco Energy Exchange in Edinburgh on 12 October 2015.