AIX: Gas panellist – Lynn Tabernacki, Managing Director; Renewable and Clean Energy Group, OPIC

Tabernacki AIX: Gas 2016 panellists.
Lynn Tabernacki, with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) since 1995, is the Managing Director of OPIC’s Renewable and Clean Energy program.  Her efforts are focused on supporting investments in utility scale renewable and clean energy, off-grid solutions, and energy efficiency.  Ms. Tabernacki has led OPIC’s Renewable Energy program from 2007, growing its annual commitments from less than $30 million initially to over $1 billion in each of the last five years. Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects represent approximately one-third of OPIC’s annual commitments.
During her career, and prior to her work with OPIC, Ms. Tabernacki’s background includes work with Price Waterhouse Poland, Citicorp, and Arthur Andersen.  Ms. Tabernacki holds an MBA in International Finance and a BS in Accounting and Business Administration. She is a CPA and a credit trained professional.