AIX: Gas panellist – Jay Bhattacherjee, CEO, Aminex PLC

Jay has worked in the energy sector for over 15 years, during which he has worked with Apache, Pengrowth, Scotia Waterous and Longreach Oil & Gas. He was appointed VP Operations at Longreach and was instrumental in its growth and development both technically and commercially which culminated in Longreach successfully becoming listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada. Strategic farm-ins and financings undertaken helped to double Longreachs’ market capitalisation during his time there. Previously he was a member of Apache’s unconventional gas programme team and in another period of his career was integral in expanding Pengrowth through strategic acquisitions and operations optimization. He was a co-founder and Chief Executive at Canyon Oil and Gas Ltd., a private company formed in 2011 with the objective of acquiring near term, lower risk development assets and high reward exploration assets. Canyon was acquired by Aminex in 2014. He holds a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering with Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary.
Panellist at the Africa Investment Exchange: Gas meeting at RSA House, London on 5-6 April.