AIX: Power and Renewables panellist – Ana Hajduka, CEO, Africa GreenCo

Ana Hajduka is the founder of Africa GreenCo, which calls for the set-up of a public-private partnership in the form of an independent, regional, renewable energy offtaker. Funded by The Rockefeller Foundation and Convergence, Africa GreenCo aims to increase private sector investment in energy generation in sub-Saharan Africa by mitigating the credit risks associated with the current lack of creditworthy offtakers.

Ana is an infrastructure and energy professional with more than 13 years’ experience in a variety of transactions including project finance, public-private partnerships and project development, working on energy and infrastructure projects in emerging markets.

She is qualified as a lawyer in both England & Wales and the State of New York, trained with Allen & Overy and went on to work for Fulbright & Jaworski and Trinity International advising on a diverse range of projects within the energy sector, predominately in Sub-Saharan Africa. In March 2015, Ana was appointed by the UNECE as the team leader responsible for a project team in charge of developing international renewable energy PPP standards for emerging markets as part of the Sustainable Energy for All agenda.

Ana is a panellist at the fourth annual Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables meeting, which will be held in London on 15-16 November.

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