AIX: Power and Renewables panellist – Mike Peo, Head: Infrastructure, Energy, Telecommunications, Nedbank

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Peo.pngMike is the Chairman of the South African chapter of the International Project Finance Association, a member of the governing board of the African Infrastructure Investment Fund and is currently Chairman of the South African Infrastructure Fund.  He has been extensively involved in most of the large scale infrastructure projects in South Africa and over the past 15 years and has originated and led his team to a number of landmark transactions, which have secure in excess of 20 international awards for Nedbank. These transactions include the Bakwena Platinum Tollroad refinancing – the largest refinancing in South Africa; the Neotel financing –  the largest limited recourse financing in South Africa; the Seacom Undersea  Cable project – the first debt financed undersea cable for Africa; and the 300MW Lake Turkana Wind farm in Kenya. He has led Nedbank’s energy team to the position of largest lender to the South Africa’s renewable energy procurement programme, having secured funding to 42 of the 92 deals allocated through four biding rounds, totalling approximately ZAR114bn project value.

Panellist at the Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables meeting, 21-22 November 2016, London

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