AIX: Power and Renewables panellist – Robert Ashdown
 Senior Originator, VP 
Environmental & Commodity Markets, Swiss Re

Ashdown.pngRobert’s role at Swiss re covers the energy sector – both upstream and generation  – for Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Middle East, India. He specialises in understanding and transferring risk for sovereigns, utilities, Independent Power Producers and financial institutions within the energy sector, to enable them to grow and improve the competitiveness of projects and to help sovereigns to improve their liquidity position within the energy sector.

He has been active in the energy sector for almost 10 years, both in Africa and abroad, undertaking various roles such as development, project management, corporate finance (mergers & acquisitions), fund development and implementation, and policy and consulting. His experience spans climate change, renewable (wind, solar PV and CSP, hydro and biomass) and non-renewable energy assets and portfolios.

Robert has worked at PwC, at a boutique corporate finance house, the World Bank Group, an Independent Power Producer.

Panellist at the Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables meeting, 21-22 November 2016, London

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