AIX: Gas – harnessing Nigeria’s gas for power generation

Confirmed panellists at AIX: Gas examining Nigeria’s gas developments and domestic power generation include:

  • Dafe Akpeneye, Commissioner, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Sam Aiboni, Legal Advisor, Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria
  • Chiedu Ugbo, Managing Director, Niger Delta Power Holding Company
  • Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, Co-founder and Executive Director, Falcon Corporation
  • Ezekiel Adesina, Executive Secretary, Africa Energy Study Group
  • Babayo Shehu, Executive Director (Finance and Administration), Niger Delta Power Holding Company

The Africa Investment Exchange (AIX) Gas meeting (London, 11-12 April) responds to new opportunties to commercialise gas resources shaped by new discoveries and technology, innovative financing structures and the continent’s significant power demand.