AIX will discuss COP27 outcomes for Africa

 has reported that COP27 will have a noticeably different feel to its predecessor in Glasgow, or, in the words of an Egyptian diplomat, a focus on: “implementation rather than commitments.” This ambition will be welcome news to those hoping for stronger and more actionable results from Sharm El Sheikh.

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AIX: Power and Renewables 2022 (16-17 November) will coincide with the last week of COP27, and will naturally have a major focus on Sharm El Sheikh’s potentially transformative outcomes.

The first session on day two, “African Energy in transition”, will explore, dissect and clarify what has been agreed in Sharm El Sheikh.
• What is expected of COP27?
• What did COP26 achieve? What has actually transpired over the past year?
• What does a just transition look like in Africa?
• How should(a)policy-makers, (b) financiers and (c) civil society and other stakeholders be looking to shape the agenda? — And outcomes.

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First held at RSA House in 2014, AIX: Power & Renewables has become one of the meeting places of choice for Africa’s power sector stakeholders, including leading private and public sector investors, African officials and project developers.

The meeting is held under the Chatham House Rule and structured around interactive panel-led sessions to encourage an open debate.

2022 agenda highlights

  • The state of the industry: Review of the past 12 months in generation from African Energy Live Data – is Africa building enough capacity? What trends are emerging in the energy mix as both renewables and traditional technologies face constraints.
  • Is C&I the only show in town? Consolidation or fragmentation? Is there room for everyone in C&I? Is an M&A wave overdue?
  • Dispatchable baseload: Managing the grid in an age of transition
  • African energy in transition: Who is financing thermal IPPs?
  • Regional integration: Prospects of open grid access and cross-border power trading in the WAPP and other power pools
  • New look PPAs: What new models are emerging on the continent?
  • Mini-grid update: Strategies for profitability and sustainability
  • Sharm El-Sheikh: What is expected of COP27?
  • Financing C&I and off-grid: What are the returns, who is going to pay and what do regulators need to do?
  • Changes in corporate strategy: Emergence of climate finance and ESG
  • Refinancing and blended finance strategies: Crowding-in private capital and increasing institutional investment
  • What could possibly go wrong? Preparing projects and mitigating risks
  • Investing in the grid: Examining key institutional themes for grid operations in Africa today
  • Power to X: the evolution in the potential hydrogen economy and other innovations
  • African storage: How sustainable are battery value chains and how promising is local content in the sector?

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