AIX will discuss latest supply chain challenges

Supply chain issues are threatening to undermine some power developer efforts in South Africa, with some older pricing assumptions now “woefully out of date,” potentially causing project delays – according to reporting in the latest edition of African Energy.

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The effects of disrupted supply chains which emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic continue to ripple through Africa’s power sector. As such, supply chain challenges and the effects of rising costs will be a key topic at the upcoming Africa Investment Exchange: Power and Renewables 2022 on 16-17 November. Day one will feature an in-depth discussion on these challenges during the second session.

  • Where is the industry experiencing disruptions in the supply of key project components?
  • What impact will rising costs have on future tenders?
  • What scope is there to onshore some of these supply chains?

View the entire programme via the AIX: POWER & RENEWABLES 2022 page.