Topics for April’s AIX Energy In Transition meeting

Key themes to be discussed at the next Africa Investment Exchange: Energy in Transition meeting at RSA House on 17-18 April 2023:

Energy in transition: reconciling security and sustainability
How to deliver affordable and reliable energy across the continent, and meet SDG7 ambitions.

Global gas and LNG markets
International geopolitics and its impact on Africa’s gas market.

Industrial pathways
Can transition energies work to speed up industrialisation?

ESG is more than an acronym
A balanced discussion of how ESG is evolving

Carbon markets revisited
Unlocking capital and accelerating project development

C&I gas and renewables
New opportunities for investment

Natural gas utilisation
Prospects for small-scale LNG, LNG-to-power, LNG for mining, CNG, LPG and LNG for industry across the continent

Southern Africa opportunities
Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa’s gas market.

West Africa opportunities
Focus on the scale of gas resources, demand potential, market development and integration with neighbouring countries.

Financing hydrogen
Accessing carbon markets and international infrastructure capital for African H2 and NH3.

Blue hydrogen + CCS
Can innovations in CCS and hydrogen open up new opportunities and future-proof existing infrastructure?

Scaling-up Africa’s fertiliser supply
Strategies to increase domestic fertiliser production across the continent.

Energy transition infrastructure
Has financing gas-to-power (GTP) and other schemes moved back towards the mainstream.

Hydropower, geothermal, nuclear and other solutions. Which baseload energy options fit with Africa’s realities.


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About the African Investment Exchange (AIX) meetings

  • We are focused on producing meetings that establish an enduring dialogue for energy industry professionals, with the aim of stimulating business engagement, deal-making and long-term partnerships.
  • The established AIX format has been running for 9 years, and is known for its robust debate and knowledge-led approach.
  • Panel discussions under the Chatham House Rule address key market opportunities and examine how to break down barriers to investment.
  • It is held at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA House) in London, which provides a relaxed setting to network and arrange meetings.
  • AIX is organised by African Energy, a consultancy that has been involved at the heart of the debate surrounding the development of the energy sector in Africa for more than 20 years.