Power Futures Lab event on 2 November

Power Futures Lab of the University of Cape Town will be exploring opportunities for renewables in Africa and governance insights from the Peer Review and Learning Network (PRLN) during the AIX Power & Renewables 2023 meeting.

Country regulators highlighting their country’s power sector, focusing on key regulatory topics & challenges experienced include:

  • Nhlanhla Gumede, Full-Time Regulator Member, National Energy Regulator of South Africa
  • Edward Iruura, Director Financial Services, Electricity Regulatory Authority, Uganda
  • Robert Kahimise, Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Control Board, Namibia
  • Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria, Chief Executive Officer, Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Kenya

Regulation stands out as an applied field of knowledge – blending engineering, economics, finance and law – which is essential to guide African countries in designing and implementing a fair and just energy transition. Regulation is a key enabler in opening power markets for competition and further allowing competition in the market. The African energy sector requires huge investments to realize SDG 7 and decarbonization objectives. Yet infrastructure financing is critically low and insufficient. Only about 2% of global clean renewable investments have gone to Africa in 2022 (IEA, 2023).

The side event will provide a platform for investors and regulators to examine novel avenues through which renewable investments can be channeled to their respective sectors. Targeted support to shape policies and regulations inspired by actual, local implementation challenges and insights will also be discussed. Regulators too will get a sense of how investors think to deploy capital.


Download the latest programme on the event page for more details on this side-event.