AIX Power & Renewables: key themes for discussion in 2024

Emerging from the gloom
There are significant pockets of growth in the African electricity supply industry — from C&I in South Africa, Nigerian DER and climate-tech projects in Kenya as well as minerals industries more widely, to a new appreciation of the need for a major upgrade of transmission infrastructure — but levels of private investment continue to disappoint in far too many jurisdictions. AIX P&R 2024 will ask how African markets can emerge from a difficult period?
An agenda for policy-makers
Asking what investors want from government, government from investors — and how other stakeholders should be accommodated in the official and corporate policy mix.

Market design, regulation and investment
Potential new approaches to regulation and market structures to attract renewable investments
Delivering change
Market design reforms and the future of centralised procurement
Opening up the market
Attracting the next generation of private investment — what do investors want?
Soul searching for DFIs
DFIs still drive many markets across the continent, with an essential role that has still to be superseded by the scaled up private financing that is so often discussed. What are the varied DFIs’ roles in an evolving sector?
Non-traditional investors
Unlocking new funds from philanthropy, Gulf and other sources, especially in Africa’s early-stage climate tech projects

Market solutions for scaling up T&D
Independent transmission projects (ITPs), different models for distribution and other critical issues
Transmission investment
Can new schemes and plans from regional power pools unlock Africa’s power markets?

Ensuring baseload
The changing face of the energy mix — understanding the trends
African energy in transition
What is the future for gas?
What next for power developers?
The future of IPPs, ITPs, PPPs and C&I

Storage and green grids
Understanding battery storage’s usefulness and adaptability
Decentralised energy solutions
Market requirements to enable financiers to support these innovations
Energy efficiency
Too rarely discussed, can private finance be scaled up and policy-makers raise the profile of cost-effective solutions?

Renewable power-to-X
Prospects for P2X giga-projects and their application
Scaling e-mobility
What is its impact on the power sector
Carbon credits
A look at market trends, shifting projects and prices
Climate policies
How demand for International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) is evolving

Regional focus
Analysing the whole value chain in South Africa, Kenya and other countries

AIX Power & Renewables 2024 will take place at RSA House, London on 29-30 October. Click here for more details.