AIX membership


Membership benefits

The AIX membership programme is a year-round forum for trusted debate and insight, curated by African Energy's senior consultants and analysts.

Monthly online meetings under the Chatham House Rule

    • An online hub to connect with industry stakeholders and share ideas and news.
    • Online roundtable meetings, held under the Chatham House Rule to deliver frank discussion and a trusted exchange of insight.
    • Exclusive online Q&As with African Energy’s analysts.
    • Access to past recordings of AIX meetings held since April 2020.

Exclusive data and insights

Special discounts for in-person AIX meetings

    Two choices of membership package

    AIX membership is available to buy on its own or as a enhanced news and analysis package through an African Energy newsletter subscription.

    A curated news and analysis package for your company

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    First published in 1998, African Energy's newsletter is editorially independent and provides unique angles and insight on project news, policy and regulatory developments, energy market trends, and the political and governance issues that impact on the business environment.

    Annual subscription licences are based on company type and size and are a cost effective way to ensure all your staff are receiving the information they need for their jobs.

    Licences include:

    • AIX membership for all staff covered by the licence
    • Access to breaking news and analysis
    • Access to all maps in the African Energy map library
    • 23 new issues a year
    • A 20-year plus archive of energy maps, articles and past issues in PDF.
    For power sector-focused entities, licences can also be combined to include access to the largest and most comprehensive database of power projects and plants across Africa.

    Interested in becoming an AIX member?

    Contact Ricky Purnell for more information on options and pricing.

    Standard AIX membership – as well as tickets for in-person meetings – is free for independent Africa-based SMEs, and African public sector utilities, regulators and government officials.

    African Energy also offers independent Africa-based SMEs a 40% discount on the price of African Energy newsletter licences.

    Members include