Strategies along the gas value chain


14h00 to 15h30
Strategies along the gas value chain

Upstream operators, investors and power developers discuss challenges and opportunities along the gas value chain.
  • To what extent is it necessary to be present in all parts of the gas value chain to create a robust gas business in SSA?
  • What are the consequences of COVID 19 on those companies seeking to develop gas businesses in SSA?
  • To what extent are gas projects in SSA financeable?
  • What are the opportunities and constraints when developing gas projects based on African demand?
  • To what extent do you subscribe to the theory that some African utilities could go the way of fixed line telephone companies and disruptive events could cause them to radically change their business model?
  • Will the softness in global energy prices create more favourable conditions for LNG import projects in SSA?
  • Stranded assets, are upstream fields going to become uneconomic is gas and other infrastructure going to become a liability?
  • Smaller deposits and associated gas – challenges of commercialising assets for producers and investors.
  • Why haven’t virtual pipelines (CNG and LNG) made more headway in SSA. Will this change soon?
  • How might we solve the gas to power conundrum in SSA?
  • How can gas contribute to increased energy access?