Alex has more than 25 years’ experience in the energy sector, including successfully advising on and developing private power projects in Africa, Asia, the UK and mainland Europe.

With a strong engineering and commercial background, he has worked in various roles for AES, Entergy, Linklaters and BP before joining Globeleq, where he is now responsible for leading power project development, acquisition and financing in West and Central Africa.

In his eight years at Globeleq, Alex has led the development of the Azito Phase 3 expansion project, which incorporated the existing plant contract extension (430MW), and the acquisition of Kribi and Dibamba in Cameroon (304 MW).  As Managing Director, Head of Business Development for West Africa, Alex was responsible for the development of the Azito Phase IV expansion project (253 MW) and the MXL2 upgrade (30 MW). He has been instrumental in contributing more than 1,000 MW of the 1,718 MW that Globeleq currently has in operation or construction.

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