Andrew is a Technical Director at ECA with oversight for all of ECA’s work in energy access and water. Andrew’s project experience at ECA includes leadership of market due diligence and feasibility studies for new renewable generation projects (covering both financial and economic analysis), electricity and water utility pricing studies, and the development of energy and water market design and regulations. In the energy access sector, Andrew has overseen projects that have developed policy and regulatory frameworks for green mini-grids in Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana, The Gambia, and the SADC region. His financing expertise includes the design of subsidy and investment financing facilities for mini-grids and off-grid investments, and analysis of the interaction between regulatory frameworks and financing, with a particular focus on pricing and valuation. Andrew leads much of ECA’s work in investment modelling for energy access and grid-scale investments. His expertise also includes working with UK regulators Ofgem and Ofwat during price reviews and in regulatory support roles.

Andrew joined ECA in 2011 from a background in investment banking, where he supported corporate transactions across a wide range of sectors including energy, healthcare, forestry, and finance, and in agriculture business development, where he worked with agriculture investor AgDevCo.

Andrew has post-graduate degrees in Finance from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and International Development from the London School of Economics. Andrew also leads ECA’s workshops and capacity building programmes.