Caroline is a carbon specialist with over 7 years’ experience working in nature-based solutions and technical carbon development in natural climate solutions and household energy efficiency. As a Senior Associate, Carbon Markets, at Climate Action Platform Africa (CAP-A), she supports initiatives that unlock carbon-related opportunities across Africa.

Previously, she was the Carbon Development Manager at Earthbanc where she developed the carbon portfolio of restoration projects  in Kenya and India. Prior to this, she was Carbon Developer (Technical Lead) at ecosecurities where she coordinated the technical team in Africa with several carbon projects across the continent including reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, afforestation, reforestation, and revegetation in addition to community-based energy projects. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Range Management and a Master of Science in Range Socio Ecology from the University of Nairobi, Caroline is committed to advancing sustainable and high quality solutions in the carbon industry.