Gokce is Senior Expert in heavy industry transition and low-carbon hydrogen at South Pole and leads the Hydrogen for Net Zero Initiative (H2NZ). H2NZ aims to unlock carbon finance for hydrogen projects. She also leads the policy and advocacy efforts of South Pole in the low-carbon hydrogen space and is responsible for developing new low-carbon hydrogen business opportunities.

Gokce is co-founder of the Women in Green Hydrogen Network, author of over 30 publications, and has over a decade of policy and regulatory analysis, public affairs, project development and stakeholder management experience focused on climate change, just transition and sustainability in the energy, heavy industry and minerals sectors.

Previously she was Head of Secretariat of the UN Leadership Group for the Industry Transition hosted by the Stockholm Environment Institute which explores how policy, finance and business practices in hard-to-abate industry sectors such as steel, cement, heavy duty transport and chemicals can be aligned to achieve climate neutrality. At SEI, she also project led initiatives focusing on oil and gas transitions, green trade and green public procurement in road transport and construction sectors.