Meera manages Shell Foundation’s Household Energy portfolio.  Meera has worked with a number of early stage social enterprises across Africa and India, supporting them to scale up their businesses. Meera’s depth of experience in last mile distribution of products and services for the rural poor, has enabled her to co-create supply chain intermediaries that provide increased efficiencies, reduce costs and accelerate the pace of growth for non-vertically integrated companies. Before joining Shell Foundation in 2012, Meera had worked globally in a broad range of business roles within the Shell Group, including Climate Change Initiative Lead for the Shell Group, Marketing Manager for the Bulk Fuels business in Italy and Turkey and Business Analyst in the Downstream Strategy and Management Consultancy. Meera has a degree in Economics, Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick.

Meera is a panellist at the sixth Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables meeting at RSA House, 13-14 November 2019.