Patrick is team leader of KPLC’s PPA Negotiations Task Force, where he is responsible for drafting and negotiating PPAs for existing generation, new generating capacity (public and private) and for export/imports. He has negotiated PPAs for both competitive procurement and Feed in Tariff (renewables) projects and worked on PPAs across a wide range of generation types from thermal (medium speed diesel and gas turbine) and geothermal (private and public), to hydroelectric, biomas, wind, solar PV and coal.

Prior to his current position, Patrick held a variety of management positions at KPLC including 15 years as the manager of the power system operations and bulk energy purchase department and three years as manager of the department responsible for energy purchase and regulatory affairs.

His career experience includes facilitation of maintenance of generating plant, transmission and distribution networks and the implementation of grid projects (generation and transmission). He also has expertise drafting and negotiating wheeling agreements with transmission companies for export/import transactions and the bulk purchase of energy from generators.

Patrick is member of the East African Power Pool Technical Committee (on Operations) and Kenya’s Grid Code Committee.

Patrick is a panellist at our Africa Investment Exchange: Nairobi meeting, which will be held on 3-4 October 2018.

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