Patrick has been at PanAfrican Energy Tanzania since September 2013. Prior to this he served as permanent secretary in government ministries including the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Between 1980 and 1997 Patrick was research officer at the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) and held positions at the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals, including senior executive engineer (responsible for oil and gas sub- sector) Energy Department and Commissioner for Energy and Petroleum Affairs.

Other public service appointments he has held during his career include, Chairman, Board of Tanzania Education Authority (2002–2008); Chairman, Board of Directors of Tiper Petroleum Refinery (1996–1999); plus membership of the boards of Tanzania-Zambia (Tazma Oil Pipeline Company (1992–1996); National Shipping Agencies Company (1993–1995); Capital Development Authority (1997–2008) and TPDC (1991–1993). He was a founding member of African Energy Policy Research Network – Afrepren (1988).

Patrick retired from the public service in August 2013 and since been active in the private sector as a board member of General Exploration (since April 2016); Tanga Cement Company PLC (since May 2015) and National Housing Corporation (since June 2014). He has a BSc Chemical Engineering and MSc Chemical Engineering (Process Engineering and Economics) from Loughborough University, UK.

Patrick is a panellist at AIX: Gas 2019 on 2-3 May