Shakiru is the manager for planning and projects at Tanzania Geothermal Development Company, (TGDC) a subsidiary of Tanesco. He is responsible for soliciting project financing, planning, managing and monitoring the implementation of geothermal development projects. In his career, Shakiru has worked under the research department of Tanesco and been involved in the researching, planning, procurement and management of renewable energy projects from reconnaissance, pre-feasibility and feasibility through to implementation.

He is now involved in exploring geothermal resources in the country’s prospects such as Ngozi, Songwe, Kiejo-Mbaka, Luhoi, and Natron. He has undergone training both locally and aboard, which has enhanced his experiences and capability in project execution and management.

Shakiru holds a Master’s degree in Reservoir Engineering from the University of Iceland.

Shakiru is a panellist at our fifth annual Africa Investment Exchange: Power & Renewables meeting, in London on 14-15 November 2018.