Svetla is responsible for project finance transactions in sub-Saharan Africa at the European Investment Bank (EIB). EIB has been involved in the financing of several landmark PPP energy projects in Sub Saharan Africa, including the 300MW Lake Turkana Wind Farm Project in Kenya, the 50MW Khi Solar CSP project in South Africa; the 30MW Cabéolica wind farm in Cape Verde, the Bujagali hydropower project in Uganda and the privatised energy utility AES Sonel and Kribi gas-fired power plant in Cameroon.

In her 15 years at EIB, Svetla has been responsible for EIB financing activities in various EIB partner countries in Southern Africa and in the Near East. Between 2007 and 2010 she served as deputy head of EIB’s regional representation for Southern Africa located in Pretoria. Prior to joining EIB, Svetla was a corporate finance banker with JP Morgan Securities.

Svetla is a panellist at Africa Investment Exchange: Nairobi, on 3-4 October.

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