In 2010, as Regional Director for the Middle East, Zeynep led the operation of the world’s first floating power plant (Powership) project in Iraq. Karpowership now has a total of 25 Powerships, with 20 of them operational in 11 countries around the world. The company has a strong footprint in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East, providing affordable and sustainable electricity for more than 35 million people.

Zeynep has worked to launch the company’s LNG-to-power projects, including the first ever LNG-to-power projects in Africa in Senegal and Mozambique. Close to 40% of Karpowership’s installed capacity is operating with natural gas, but Zeynep’s goal is to have Karpowership’s fleeting operating at 80% LNG-to-power by 2025.

She is driving this transition through investing upstream in the LNG supply chain, reducing barriers to entry for customers, and building partnerships worldwide. To help realise this goal, Zeynep spearheaded a partnership in Japan, named Karmol, with Japanese company MOL through which the company invested in three FSRUs which are nearing completion.

Zeynep’s vision is to increase universal access to electricity by providing an innovative, fast, and affordable energy solution through Powerships. Core to Karpowership’s work is being a responsible partner in the markets in which the company operates. In line with this, Zeynep launched a project called ‘Girl Move’ which provides educational scholarships to young women. Since it started in 2003, more than 8,000 girls have been put through school including in in Ghana, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mozambique and Turkey.

Zeynep studied Economics and Philosophy at Hamilton College in New York and holds an MBA from the London School of Economics.

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