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South Africa – the difficult emergence of a new power industry

20 September 2023, 12.00-13.00 BST (GMT+1), Online via Zoom

Major power consumers in South Africa are fleeing Eskom, its corruption, incompetence and its coal. Because this transformation is being led by the market and not the authorities it is inherently risky and unpredictable.

Join African Energy analysts and chosen guests to discuss the path to success and the opportunities and risks that lie along the way.

The webinar will be chaired by African Energy managing director John Hamilton with participation from Southern Africa editor,  Tonderayi Mukeredzi and other guests including:

  • Thomas Garner, CEO, Earth & Wire
  • James Mackay, CEO, Energy Council of South Africa
  • Mandy Rambharos, VP: Global Climate Cooperation, Environmental Defence Fund
  • John Smelcer, Head of Southern Africa, Globeleq
Points of discussion
  • Is it possible for nearly every major energy user in South Africa’s industrial heartland to switch its electricity consumption from coal-fired baseload on its doorstep to intermittent wind power wheeled in from the western coast or further afield?
  • Can enough transmission and storage infrastructure be installed to balance the grid operating in a different way to how it was designed?
  • How much more transmission capacity is needed? And can this be funded via the Just Energy Transition Partnership?
  • Faced with these challenges can the South African government, the energy regulator Nersa, and Eskom find a way of leading the transition, or are they destined forever to play catch-up in a market that is reforming itself out of necessity, without strategic leadership or guidance?

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