Eddy is the Chairman of Greenville Liquefied Natural Gas Co, the pioneer of the first mini-LNG plant in Africa situated in Rumuji, Rivers State Nigeria. This project was established with the aim to expand the natural gas infrastructure, using an innovative virtual pipeline system to deliver gas to locations not served or underserved by the existing gas pipeline network.

Eddy made his foray into the Nigerian business world in 1996, when he founded and successfully ran the ASCA group, which was the largest supplier of bitumen in Nigeria with a market share of over 90%. In 2015, he divested from the bitumen business after 20 years and founded Greenville LNG with the sole aim of intervening in the domestic LNG market to support the government’s effort in focusing more on the gas potential of Nigeria.

Eddy has an engineering degree from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, a degree in marketing from Ecoles des Cadres in Lausanne, Switzerland and a PhD in European Studies from the Catholic University of Leuven.

Eddy is participating at the AIX: Gas Update Webinar on 23 June 2020