FMO is the Dutch development bank. We invest in over 85 countries, supporting jobs and income generation in order to improve people’s lives in the parts of the world where we can make the biggest difference. Our role extends beyond financing, as we help businesses to operate and grow transparently in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

With our clients serving millions of customers, their adoption of good practices will have a broad positive impact on local development. They create jobs, provide people with an income, generate taxes and contribute to a healthy private sector. This makes it possible to build a local economy that offers opportunities for people today without compromising the opportunities of future generations.

Through our approach, we aim to demonstrate to other investors that strong financial returns and positive impact in developing countries and emerging markets can go hand-in-hand. Our success in higher-risk markets provides them with the confidence to get on board, allowing us to mobilize more funding for our clients.

Working with partners ranging from our partner European Development Finance Institutions (EDFIs) to civil society organizations and investors, we serve the many entrepreneurs all over the world who have set up and built their companies to contribute to positive change.

Through our financing and investments, we enhance our and others’ impact and can contribute to a sustainable society on a liveable planet. We support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to contribute to their achievement through our mission and activities.

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