Hybrid C&I at AIX

The AIX Energy in Transition programme will examine businesses which mix hybrid solar PV, battery storage as well as gas-fired gensets, using LNG, CNG and LPG to meet domestic energy requirements especially for C&I clients.

Panellists in the “West Africa C&I gas and renewables” session on 18 April 2023:

Yemisi Awonuga, Partner, Templars
Olivier Leruste, Managing Partner, Echosys Advisory
Frances Rogoz, VP, Project Development, Genser Energy
Alessandro Nanotti, Global Head of LNG, Vivo Energy
Prince Ojeabulu, Chief Executive Officer, Rensource Energy

View the programme to find out more.

The meeting will as usual be held under the Chatham House Rule to ensure the freest possible discussion.

Book your place at the meeting. Contact Lauren Slater for more details. Tel +44(0)1424 721667.