African power masterplan shows extent of access and financing gaps

Initial projections from the African Union’s Continental Power System Master Plan show what an interconnected power market might look like, driven predominantly by renewable energy. But the plan also sets out in stark relief the vast gap between current levels … Read More

African Energy forecasts solar surge to 2025, ‘high growth’ in C&I

Although Africa is home to some of the world’s most abundant solar resources and struggles with some of the lowest electrification rates, the development of solar generation capacity across the continent has traditionally been hampered by investor perceptions of high … Read More

Battery supply chain challenges

While the potential for battery storage to solve the central challenge of wind and solar intermittency is now widely understood, adoption in Africa, a continent abundant with natural energy resources, remains troublingly low. Short-term progress in this space is being constrained by both demand-and … Read More

Carbon and renewable credit markets

Carbon credits have gained considerable global momentum in recent years, with trading volumes rising 164% in 2021 alone as both China and the UK launched trading schemes. So far, Africa – which is on the frontline of the consequences of … Read More

Kenya: What next for the energy sector?

African Energy will be hosting a post-election online roundtable discussion on 20 September, with contributions from AIIM and FMO, as part of our monthly AIX membership programme. The discussion will look at: What the election means for the liberalisation agenda. … Read More

Revival in HEP interest shows hydropower potential in Africa

There is widespread recognition that baseload power will remain essential for balancing the grid against the additions of intermittent renewable power – particularly in the midst of Africa’s continuing fast-paced urbanisation. Utilising Africa’s massive hydropower potential seems a natural solution, … Read More

AIX will discuss latest supply chain challenges

Supply chain issues are threatening to undermine some power developer efforts in South Africa, with some older pricing assumptions now “woefully out of date,” potentially causing project delays – according to reporting in the latest edition of African Energy. Read more … Read More

AIX will discuss COP27 outcomes for Africa

African Energy has reported that COP27 will have a noticeably different feel to its predecessor in Glasgow, or, in the words of an Egyptian diplomat, a focus on: “implementation rather than commitments.” This ambition will be welcome news to those hoping … Read More

Africa’s power industry struggles but upturn for generation expected

Following the unprecedented challenges presented in 2020 by Covid-19, new analysis from African Energy suggests 2021 has also fallen short of Africa’s generation ambitions – although there may be room for optimism looking ahead. AIX: Power and Renewables 2022 will … Read More