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Green hydrogen and green ammonia and the new scramble for Africa

21 February, 12.00-13.00 GMT, online

Green hydrogen (GH2) prospects in Africa are developing at breakneck speed. As the global hydrogen industry works towards making the mix of technologies commercial, the winners in Africa will be the countries with the cheapest renewable power, and the partners who have secured the prime locations for development.

Is this a new scramble for Africa?

  • Apart from the huge hydro resource at Grand Inga, the best sites are in windy areas with high solar irradiation and access to water. So coastal areas in the north and south of the continent are at a premium.
  • Once logistics, access to markets, and other variables are taken into account, the supply of such locations is limited, even in the expanse of the African continent.
  • Unlike the 19th and 20th century quests for physical resources can the development of long-term zero-carbon sustainable resources this time transform some of the remotest parts of the continent for the better?

African Energy’s John Hamilton discussed these questions with expert industry participants on Tuesday 21 February.

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