Globeleq is powering africa’s growth through the development and operation of utility scale power plants across the continent.

Founded in 2002, Globeleq has become a power industry leader by operating or acquiring interest in multiple power facilities across the world. Now with its focus on the African continent, the company’s experience in implementing an array of generating technologies in different geographic locations, provides Globeleq with a unique perspective and strong foundation for developing new capacity.

Under the ownership of shareholders CDC (70%) and Norfund (30%), the cornerstone of our strategy is to be the trusted, reliable and committed partner of choice within the African IPP industry. We will achieve this by adding significant MWs of new power generation over the next decade while positively contributing and impacting the communities in which we operate.

With the support and expertise of our staff operating out of our London head office, our regional offices in Nairobi, Cape Town, and Doula, and our eight power plants located in Tanzania, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Kenya, we currently generate approximately 1,400 MW, and have another 2,000 MW in development.

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