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AIX: GAS 2020

15 September to 8 December 2020

Africa Investment Exchange: Gas


September to December 2020 – online

The 6th AIX: Gas was a series of monthly meetings held in a virtual environment between September to December 2020, with live streaming, fringe events, an online exhibition and networking opportunities.

Results and comments from an African Energy Gas Survey were presented throughout the series of meetings.

Further details on each monthly meeting are listed below:

15 September 2020

Carbon in transition
The pace of renewables integration into Africa’s electricity supply industry and global climate change concerns are driving a reevaluation in the continent's long-term energy mix. However, there is a real need in Africa for gas to play a continued significant role as the ‘transition fuel’ and to supply power plants, industrial and other users over the coming decade (and beyond). The opening session will thus set out the case for gas in AIX’s distinctively analytical but straight speaking manner.

12h00 to 13h30 BST

Part 1: African gas trends

Chair: Jon Marks, Chairman, CbI and Head of Consultancy, African Energy

Results and analysis from the African Energy Survey which asks the AIX community to comment on upstream, gas-to-power and LNG challenges facing industries along Africa's gas value chain will kick-start the session. This will open a debate on global carbon transition, the future shape of global industries (including LNG export prospects, FLNG, gas-to-power schemes etc) and how changing trends in policy-making and investment are impacting on gas producers.

Part 2: African gas policy

Government and regulator’s perspectives on industrialisation programmes, gas masterplans and local content strategies. What do administrations want from gas schemes? In the carbon transition are they at risk of finding themselves with stranded assets?

13h30 to 14h00

Online networking
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14h00 to 15h30
Strategies along the gas value chain

Upstream operators, investors and power developers discuss challenges and opportunities along the gas value chain.
  • To what extent is it necessary to be present in all parts of the gas value chain to create a robust gas business in SSA?
  • What are the consequences of COVID 19 on those companies seeking to develop gas businesses in SSA?
  • To what extent are gas projects in SSA financeable?
  • What are the opportunities and constraints when developing gas projects based on African demand?
  • To what extent do you subscribe to the theory that some African utilities could go the way of fixed line telephone companies and disruptive events could cause them to radically change their business model?
  • Will the softness in global energy prices create more favourable conditions for LNG import projects in SSA?
  • Stranded assets, are upstream fields going to become uneconomic is gas and other infrastructure going to become a liability?
  • Smaller deposits and associated gas – challenges of commercialising assets for producers and investors.
  • Why haven’t virtual pipelines (CNG and LNG) made more headway in SSA. Will this change soon?
  • How might we solve the gas to power conundrum in SSA?
  • How can gas contribute to increased energy access?

Satellite sessions on 16 September

We plan to run two gas focused roundtables in partnership with speakers and partners. Confirmed roundtables:
  • 11h00 BST - Which countries show the most promise for the sector?
    Hosted by Rodney J. MacAlister, CEO, Monetizing Gas Africa
  • 12h00 BST - How COVID-19 is changing the opportunities for oil and gas-led growth
    Hosted by Glada Lahn, Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House


13 October 2020

12h00 to 13h30
West and Central Africa
  • Countries in focus will include Nigeria, the Mauritania/Senegal play, Equatorial Guinea as a ‘gas hub’ and Ghana’s grid realignments.
  • We will ask are gas pipelines really the answer to regional supply shortfalls?
  • We will also ask how WAPP and other regional initiatives are changing regional strategic thinking about electricity supply?
Coastal trading 
Asking whether new models of FSRU and LNG regas facilities can supply a new generation of GTP businesses long the West African coast and in other regions.

13h30 to 14h00
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14h00 to 15h30
Transitional projects – pointing the way ahead

  • LNG and pipelines: what does the current disruption mean for projects. Which pre FID projects will continue, be deferred, cancelled or restructured?
  • FSRUs and other import schemes: Analysis of a number of key projects that were setting trends and give pointers to further market developments.
  • Liquid fuel applications: still room to fit LPG and HFO in the new energy landscape?

15h30 to 16h30
Satellite sessions
Access to fringe events (country focuses, workshops, interviews, speaker Q&As, and roundtables) co-hosted by our speakers and partners

10 November 2020

12h00 to 13h30
Investment decisions in East and Southern Africa

Rovuma Basin schemes have reached final investment decisions and financial close, and South Africa looking to implement some of its ambitious GTP schemes, the focus on this region should be intense this year.

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14h00 to 15h30
Gas-to-power investment strategies

Focus on different elements of the GTP value chain: IPPs and embedded GTP. Potential synergies for upstream operators, power developers and finance.

  • Can power developers be expected to co-invest in floating regasification and other non-traditional supply solutions.
  • Are current corporate structures (‘upstream operator’, ‘power developer’ etc) appropriate for the coming market?
  • What roles do liquid fuels have to play?

15h30 to 16h30
Satellite sessions
Access to fringe events (country focuses, workshops, interviews, speaker Q&As, and roundtables) co-hosted by our speakers and partners

8 December 2020

12h00 to 14h30
Solutions to fit all sizes

This afternoon session builds on AIX: Gas 2019’s very successful dive into gas trucking, CNG and other innovative solutions for using gas in multiple markets. The session will discuss issues including securing investment in pipelines, storage and processing infrastructure, virtual pipelines and terrestrial LNG, CNG and other gas transport prospects.

  • Opportunities and challenges along the small-scale LNG value chain
  • Opportunities and challenges facing investors in compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Prospects for small-scale gas generation, gas processing and the LPG market
  • Who are the main financing players in this space and what are their conditions and restrictions

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Oliver Quinn
Vice President – Commercial, Kosmos Energy
Ritu Sahajwalla
Managing Director, Greenville LNG
Joseph Tato
Partner, Covington
Francois Vuylsteke
Senior Developer, Wärtsilä Development & Financial Services
Erik Wandrag
Director, Sanlam InfraWorks

Photos from AIX: Gas 2019

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Participants include representatives from:

Actis • AfDB • Africa Energy Study Group • Africa50 • African Energy • AIIM • Azura Power • Baker McKenzie • BW LNG • Chariot • Chatham House • Cheniere Energy • Circle Gas • Coega Development Corporation • Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE), South Africa • Economic Consulting Associates (ECA) • Energy Commission, Ghana • Egypt Kuwait Holding • Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH) • Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) • Falcon Corporation • Fasken Martineau • Gas Strategies • Gaslog • Genesis Energy • GE • Genser Energy Ghana • Gigajoule International • Globeleq • Golar LNG • Greenville LNG • Hanas LNG • Herbert Smith Freehills • Ibile Oil & Gas Corporation • IFC • Invictus Energy • IPP Office, South Africa • Karpowership • Kosmos Energy • Latham & Watkins • Lyciar • Marsh JLT Specialty • Mauritanian British Business Council (MBBC) • Economic Consulting Associates ECA) • Ministry of Mines & Energy, Namibia • Monetizing Gas Africa • National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) • Naturgy • Neoleum Energy • Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) • National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) • Niger Delta Power Holding Company • Pembani Remgro • PetroChina International • Petronor E&P • Poten & Partners • Proton Energy • Rand Merchant Bank • REL Advisory • Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone • SandRose • Sanlam InfraWorks • Seplat Petroleum • Shearman & Sterling • Shell • SLR • Songas • Standard Bank • Standard Chartered Bank • Templars • Thunder Energy • TONBOFA Law Practice • Total • Victoria Oil & Gas • Vitol • Wartsila


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